How can I get a wallet?

Soloon dapp can interact with Phantom wallets. You must first download the browser extension and then create a wallet. Make sure to choose a robust password and store your seed phrase in a safe place. Remember that your seed phrase is the only way to recover you wallet if you forget your password or lose your computer.

Once done, you will be able to connect your wallet to Soloon dapp but you will still need some SOL to start playing.

How can I get some SOL?

SOL can be bought from most centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) running on the Solana blockchain. If you don't possess crypto yet, you'll need to buy some with fiat from a CEX. Once done, you must withdraw your SOL to your wallet. You are now ready to start playing on Soloon.

How is the maximum bettable amount calculated?

The maximum bettable amount is computed so that the player can win up to 1% of the treasury in one bet. Therefore, the amount depends on the treasury and the multiplier. It means that it will vary as the player makes choices on the game and the treasury.

This was done to avoid large treasury variations and preserve the gambling experience. Note that this amount will increase over time.

What crypto can I use to play?

It is only possible to play with SOL on the beta. USDC will be added on the platform soon after launch.

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