Soloon is the first fully decentralized gambling application built on the Solana blockchain. Our goal is to improve the gamblers experience by leveraging blockchain technology. In contrast with traditional casinos, we are:

  • Transparent and Provably fair: The games run on open-source smart contracts. Everyone can verify the odds of winning. Randomness is guaranteed by a VRF from a truster oracle.

  • Instant Payouts: Winning bets are automatically transferred to the player's wallet. Never-ending withdrawal procedures are a thing of the past.

  • Privacy and Easy Access: Entering the Soloon is effortless and does not require any personal information. Users connect their wallets and can immediately start betting.

  • Best Return to Player : Designed by players, for players, we guarantee a competitive house edge. Our low operating costs enable unmatched odds of winning.

  • Profit sharing: Soloon is all about giving back to the community. Profit will be shared among loyal players though several mechanisms. These mechanisms will include utiliy NFTs, lotteries and more.

What to play on Soloon?

Our project will start with two games, namely a Coin Flip and a Roulette. The team will always keep on building new games to grow the Soloon universe. Go to the games section if you want to learn more about the core functioning of the games.

Why building on Solana?

The fast-growing ecosystem of Solana is the perfect place to start Soloon. The low transaction fees and fast transaction speed ensure a seamless gaming experience on a secure blockchain. Moreover, the Solana community is growing at a rapid pace both in terms of users and developers. Solana is a key hub of the web3 revolution!

Why using a VRF from a trusted oracle ?

Randomness is the backbone of gambling games. And Soloon relies on it every time the roulette is spun or the coin is flipped. Computer-generated random numbers, also known as pseudo-random numbers, have been proven fair and efficient. However, on-chain generating techniques are prone to being exploited. Additionally, an off-chain server bringing random numbers to the blockchain would be a single point of failure to the decentralisation paradigm.

This is where oracles come to the rescue. Oracles provide verified sources of randomness for decentralized applications. This is exactly what Soloon needs to ensure a fair experience to its users.

Chainlink's VRF not being available for Solana projects yet, we are currently investigating on the best possible option to avoid any sort of centralization.

Community-Driven Future

Soloon aims at becoming a collaborative platform where games are developed by the community for the community. Developers will have the possibility to be featured on the platform by submitting code and specifications. The games code and formula must be thoroughly written to be selected by the team. Once selected, the games will be audited by a third party to ensure security.

As we believe that every work and creation deserves recognition, Soloon will offer an endless royalty plan to the developers. A share of the profit generated by a game will go directly to its creator's wallet.

As long as people are playing your game, you will earn money.

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