💰Refer your friends - passive income

Get paid weekly by sharing our platform with your friends

Soloon’s referral program enables anyone to make a passive income by referring our games to people likely to love them.

The program works as such :

  1. Share your wallet address with people your know

  2. Users referred use this address as referral code on https://www.soloongames.xyz/referral

  3. Every user that connects with your address will then be saved as “referred by you”

  4. Receive passive income on a weekly basis. Every week Soloon’s team will share 50% of the profits made from bets by referred users to the address that referred the player.

How does it work in practice ?

This week, 5 players connected themselves to the Soloon using your referral code (sol address) and waggered for a total of 30 SOL on the Coin Flip and 50 SOL on the roulette.

The house edge on the Coin Flip is of 2.5%

The house edge on the Roulette is of 2.7%

Soloon’s Total profit is thus :

0.025 x 30 + 0.027 x 50 = 2.1 SOL

Of which 1.05 SOL will automatically be transfered to your referral Wallet !

Which other advantages do I get ?

Soloon's top 5 referrers will be allocated a WL spot for our profit sharing NFT.

How to get my friends to enter using my code ?

Share your wallet address as well as The referral link on your social media. Don’t forget to tag us on twitter @Soloongames : https://twitter.com/SoloonGames

When will I be paid ?

Weekly referral payments will be executed every Sunday at 12 am CET.

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