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Custom solutions for every budget and ambition

1. Customized styling

-- starting at 10 SOL + shared profit*

Our first offer caters to clients looking for a cost-effective solution that still allows them to bring their brand's unique aesthetic to their gaming platform. For a starting price of 10 SOL, we offer customized styling of our existing games, which include Roulette, Coin Flip, and Russian Roulette. This includes CSS styling, custom logos, and backgrounds to align the game's visuals with your brand. An example of this offering in action is our work with Pixel Drug NFT Collection, where we adapted the styling of our Coin Flip game to match their distinctive brand aesthetic.

2. Customized games + Customized styling

-- starting at 20 SOL + shared profit*

Our second offer provides a more tailored gaming experience for your users. Starting at 20 SOL, we can create new games, tailored to your needs and preferences, while also offering customized styling to match your brand's aesthetic. The cost for this offer will vary depending on the complexity of the game you wish to create. Simple games, like Crash, start at 20 SOL, but more advanced games may carry additional costs. Please note that while the games are custom, the user interface will be based on the existing Soloon platform structure.

3. Customized UI + Customized games + Customized styling

-- on quotation

Our third offer is our most comprehensive and flexible service, perfect for clients seeking a fully tailored gaming platform. This includes a customized user interface, customized games, and customized styling, all designed to provide a truly unique gaming experience that aligns with your brand and engages your community. As this offer is highly bespoke, pricing is provided on a quotation basis. A successful example of this offering is our collaboration with Lucky Kings, where we created custom games and a unique user interface, delivering a one-of-a-kind gaming platform.

Additional services

-- on quotation

Beyond our primary offerings, we also provide a variety of additional services to further enhance your customized gaming platform and engage your community. Here are a few examples of the additional features we can integrate into your casino:

  • Referral System: We can implement a referral system that encourages players to invite others, driving user growth and fostering a vibrant and active community.

  • Weekly Winners: A weekly winners feature can be added to spotlight top performers, creating a sense of competition and engagement within your platform.

  • Profit-Sharing NFT: With this feature, we integrate a system that will automatically share the casino's profits with your NFT community !

  • Tombola Systems: We can incorporate tombola systems or similar lottery-style games to add variety and excitement to your gaming platform.

  • And much more. If you have a unique idea or a specific feature request, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you and find the best way to integrate it into your platform. At Soloon, we're all about creating a gaming experience that's truly unique to your brand and engaging for your community.


To kickstart your project, we request an initial prepayment of 25% of the total cost. This allows us to allocate resources and commence the development of your customized casino.

Once we've reached a mutually agreed upon milestone in the project, we'll request the second installment of 25%. This approach allows you to see tangible progress before making the second payment.

Finally, the remaining 50% of the payment is due upon project completion. At this point, you'll have a fully functioning, customized casino ready to engage your community.

* Shared Profit Model

Our shared profit model is designed to promote a continuous and mutually beneficial partnership. With this model, we take a 50% share of the profits from the casino. This approach not only allows us to reduce the upfront payment for our clients but also keeps both parties invested in the ongoing success and development of the platform. Here are some key reasons why this model works to your advantage:

  • Lower Initial Investment: By sharing in the profits, we can significantly lower the upfront cost of our services. This makes our offerings more accessible and reduces the initial financial burden on your end.

  • Mutual Incentive for Success: When we share in the profits, your success becomes our success. This ensures that we remain invested in the growth and performance of your platform, continually seeking ways to improve and optimize.

  • Long-Term Partnership: This model fosters a long-term relationship between us, encouraging ongoing collaboration and development.

  • Continuous Innovation: As we benefit from the success of the platform, we're incentivized to keep introducing new features and improvements to maintain user engagement and satisfaction.

By engaging with us under this shared profit model, you're not just hiring a service provider, but gaining a committed partner dedicated to the success of your casino.

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